22 February 2015

Bold Pop Art Posters Of 2015’s Oscar-Nominated Films Made With Stock Images

Birdman in the style of Roy Lichtenstein

The 87th Academy Awards are currently underway as of writing, and in keeping with its annual tradition, Shutterstock has created bold and colorful pop art posters for all eight Best Picture nominees this year.

The striking prints each bear the distinctive style of a famous pop artist with a twist—they were made entirely with stock images from the Shutterstock database.

From the Yayoi Kusama-influenced poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman’s Roy Lichtenstein-esque design, to The Imitation Game’s Andy Warhol makeover, they are a vibrant and refreshing spin on the traditional studio poster.

Check out the rest of the set below and find out about the inspiration behind each poster here. Which is your favorite?

The Imitation Game in the style of Andy Warhol

Whiplash in the style of Lucjan Mianowski

The Theory of Everything in the style of James Rosenquist

The Grand Budapest Hotel in the style of Yayoi Kusama

American Sniper in the style of Richard Hamilton

Selma in the style of Gerald Laing

Boyhood in the style of Rosalyn Drexler

[via Fast Company, images via Shutterstock Blog]