25 February 2015

Celebrities Photoshopped To Look ‘Heavier’ To Promote Body Positivity

Kim Kardashian

Spanish artist David Lopera has recently started a new project that had him editing the photos of popular female celebrities like Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence, to make them look “heavier” than their usual selves.

In his project, Lopera digitally manipulated the photos of these celebrities with Photoshop to make them look “plus-size”, which later sparked an online debate about its impact on the body positivity movement.

Lopera explained on his Facebook page that his project was about making people accept “the big women a little bit more.”

However, Bustle has other ideas about his project, saying that “in the end, what he is doing is manipulating images of women… something that is pretty much the furthest thing from “revolutionary” just about ever.”

What do you think of this controversial Photoshop project?

Check out a selection of photos featured in Lopera’s project below, or visit his webpage for more.

Michelle Keegan

Katy Perry

Karen Gillan

Jennifer Lawrence

Miranda Cosgrove

[via Business Insider, images via David Lopera and Facebook]