4 February 2015

Cheeky Parody Posters Of 2015’s Oscar-Nominated Movies

The Theory of Everything

The artist community from RIPT Apparel, previously featured here, has created a collection of funny, parodied posters of movies that are nominated for the upcoming Oscars, happening on 22 February 2015.

The posters of these Oscar-nominated movies were given a cheeky makeover with video game and television characters, complete with new titles and apt descriptions of the new “stars”.

Funny examples include Deadpool replacing Bradley Cooper in the American Sniper poster, and Gone Girl’s poster that features Mario and Princess Peach.

Scroll down for a closer look, or head here to view the rest.

Gone Girl


The Grand Budapest Hotel

American Sniper


Guardians of the Galaxy

[via My Modern Metropolis, images via RIPT Apparel]