9 February 2015

Clever Billboard Features McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Rising Along With The Sun

Integrated marketing communications agency Cossette reminds you to get breakfast from McDonald’s with its clever digital billboard ad.

The spot features an Egg McMuffin that syncs itself with the sun and rises along with it.

This ad is the winning entry for the 2014 Carte Blanche (Vancouver) contest where Cossette won a trip to the Cannes Lions and McDonald’s gets US$50,000 worth of free media space to execute its campaign.

A spokesperson from Cossette told Adweek, “The digital board was synced to sunrise times over the course of the buy, with each frame lined up as best as we could get it.”

Check out some photos below.

You might also be interested in this infographic in which McDonald’s revealed how their eggs are prepared.

[via Adweek, Cossette]