25 February 2015

Crazy Kickstarter Lets You Own Farts In A Jar From 80 Countries Around The World

Since the emergence of crowdsourcing websites, people have used them to raise money for innovative, stylish, and downright silly projects.

California-based video game veteran Roy Stanton’s ‘Fart in a Jar’ Kickstarter falls squarely into the last camp.

As its name implies, it consists of farts from 80 countries around the world, contained in individual jars.

For a mere US$9, you can secure your very own jar-encased flatulence from a country of your choice. Each container comes with a note of origin and is sealed to maintain freshness.

If you’re wondering about the difference between farts from the same region, its Kickstarter page states that “exact fart odor and consistency may vary” due to “dietary fluctuations.”

Find out more about ‘Fart in a Jar’ here. Would you pledge for it?

[via Mashable and Reddit, image via Fart in a Jar]