10 February 2015

Declare Your Love With Unique, One-Of-A-Kind ‘Crudely Drawn Love Letters’

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you would no doubt have been subject to an onslaught of cards catering to all types of personalities and relationships.

Unlike these geeky, witty or punny examples, the letters by ‘Crudely Drawn Love Letters’ have simpler designs but are no less endearing.

Enter your message on the website and an artist will sketch a unique, one-of-a-kind design with barely-there drawing skills, ensuring that no two letters are alike.

The paper is water and fade resistant, and letters ship in a fancy red envelope to the recipient of your choice.

Unfortunately it looks like the deadline to have your letter ready by Valentine’s Day is over—the website accepts orders up till 3pm on 9 February. However they are available all year, making them ideal for future occasions.

Check out the website and head here to order a card.

[via Crudely Drawn Love Letters, images via Facebook]