5 February 2015

Design, Explored Through The ‘World’s Largest’ Collection Of Coffee Lids

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“We try to understand what it was that was driving innovation, what problems are designers trying to solve. Why isn’t there a best lid? Why don’t we have the equivalent of a paper clip? There are still always improvements being offered,” said Louise Harpman.

The New York University professor talks about the ‘world’s largest’ collection of coffee lids that she co-owns with her business partner Scott Specht.

Amassing more than 550 coffee lids of different designs, Harpman shares her thoughts about design through the seemingly humble part of a coffee cup.

She also said it’s important to pay attention to the things around you and what goes into the design process of these objects.

Check out the video below and read more about it here.

[via Fast Company, images via New York University]