18 February 2015

Google’s Spa-Inspired Budapest Office Is Modeled After The City’s Springs

With its cool blue and green tones, copious tilework, plants and water-like features, you could be forgiven for mistaking Google’s new office in Budapest, Hungary, for a spa.

True to the search engine giant’s philosophy of keeping each one of its offices unique, its latest international outpost is inspired by the city’s numerous springs, which number over 500.

The theme is also a nod to Budapest’s long tradition of water polo, having won nine gold medals at the Olympics and three gold medals in water polo world championship competitions.

Budapest-based agency Graphasel Design Studio was behind the concept and design.

“We aimed to demonstrate parallelism between sports and the spirit of competition in the world of business. As the spas are home to both sports swimming pools and outdoor rest areas, it was obvious that each room within the office was devoted to a different topic. Because of the extreme diversity of baths, a sauna and a steam bath, as well as a water polo arena and an outdoor beach are also included in the concept,” said the studio.

Scroll down for more photographs of Google’s spa-inspired office and view more images here.

[via Contemporist, images by Attila Balázs via László Ördögh and David Drozsnyik]