4 February 2015

‘I Miss You’, A Touching Animation Of A Stormtrooper And His Pet Cat

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Stockholm-based artist Henrik Tomenius of Twistedspeedo has a touching animated short that features a Stormtrooper and his pet cat.

Titled ‘I Miss You’, the animation starts with a green laser beam shining into a house where the cat is sleeping. The feline wakes up, starts chasing the moving beam and finally notices where the laser is coming from.

It turns out the laser was being pointed by its owner, the Stormtrooper, who is stationed in the orbiting Death Star in space.

According to Tomenius, he said that the short is about “missing a loved one” and the things we’ll do “to feel that you are close even though you are far, far away.”

Check out the touching short below:

[via Laughing Squid, images via Twistedspeedo]