10 February 2015

Illustrator Creates Fun, Doodle-Like ‘Tattoos’ On Strangers’ Passports

Instead of tattooing his fun doodles of whimsical characters on human skin, French illustrator Léonard Combier chooses to “ink” them on the passports of strangers instead.

Combier, who offers his free ink drawings, cheekily referred to as “tattoos”, on his Facebook page, has only one condition for his creative services—he only works with valid passports.

If you are wondering if these “tattooed” passports are still accepted during immigration, Combier said that his clients have not been denied entry into any country—yet.

“Border patrol officers have questioned the passports… First, they think it’s printed on the passport. When they realize it’s hand-drawn, they ask who did it, and then they say they really like it,” said the self-taught artist.

Would you even dare let Combier tattoo your passports?

Take a look at his artworks below.

[via Quartz, images via Léonard Combier]