5 February 2015

Illustrators Create Beautiful Insurance Documents That Are Too Gorgeous To Lose

Think of insurance policies, and chances are boring, wordy documents filled with indecipherable jargon come to mind.

Designed by illustrators like Rose Blake, Supermundane and Rude, these beautiful insurance policies created for UK online life insurance company Beagle Street are anything but dull.

One side displays a customer’s policy details while the other side features visually striking artwork, doubling as vibrant prints that can be hung at home. They will be sent out to new customers whenever they take out a new policy.

“By turning our policies into works of art to hang on a wall, we’re making it really easy for people to find their life insurance policy if needed,” said Matthew Gledhill, managing director of Beagle Street.

They are part of the insurance company’s new ‘Never Lost Guarantee’ service, which includes online storage of policies and sending spare copies.

With insurance documents as gorgeous as these, we think it will be near impossible to lose them.

Check out the artistic documents below. Don’t you wish your insurance policies were as wonderful?

[via Design Week]