4 February 2015

Impressive Large-Scale Portrait Created With 20,000 Carefully Steeped Tea Bags

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Using more than 20,000 stained tea bags, Malaysian artist-architect, Hong Yi, also known as Red, produced a commissioned installation for display at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Drawing her inspiration from her roots, Red chose to capture a common sight in Malaysia—the local Teh Tarik man. Teh Tarik, which translates to 'pulled tea' in Malay, is a local sweet, frothy tea drink. It is produced when the Teh Tarik man pours (or pulls) the tea between two containers, causing its frothy nature.

Red started steeping and dyeing all 20,000 tea bags two months before the installation, shipping the finished tea bags in pizza boxes weighing 200 kilograms to a studio in Davos. The tea bags were eventually assembled and hung off a wooden frame.

In what Red deems as her most logistically challenging and technically difficult projects to date, the final product was revealed at the Malaysian Night event in Davos. Watch the video below to see Red's process.

[via Says]