17 February 2015

Inspiring Teacher Creates A New Delightful Chalkboard Artwork Every Day

Wyoming-based art teacher—who goes by the name of Nate100100 on Reddit, has uploaded a series of inspiring chalkboard artworks that he creates daily to encourage his students in their studies.

Using different colors of chalk, he creates drawings of animals and portraits, to teach his students the technical aspects of drawing, shading and perspective.

His works are often accompanied by humorous quotes and cheeky captions. Once, he even had a portrait of himself quoting grumpy cat’s meme.

When asked about how he feels seeing his artworks get erased at the end of the day, he said that the process is nice, and “there's only so much chalkboard space, and erasing old images means his students get to see something new every day”.

Head over here for more of his chalkboard art.

[via ViralNova, Nate100100]