9 February 2015

Loving Dad Builds Awesome Bus-Shaped Bed From Volkswagen Parts For His Daughter

Creative dads have been in the news lately—just check out what these loving fathers did for their lucky children.

Redditor inexplorata built an awesome bus-shaped bed out of Volkswagen parts as a birthday present for his then-three-year-old daughter, who was quickly outgrowing her crib.

He had stumbled upon free Volkswagen parts on Craigslist, but instead of creating a bed from scratch, he decided to build them around an old bunk bed he found for cheap on the website.

With the help of plywood, spray paint and other materials, he transformed the old automobile parts into a wonderful model of a Volkswagen Type 2 series, complete with working headlights, a honk that makes driving sounds, and a colorful fabric interior.

The whole process took him four months and cost roughly US$100.

The amazing bed was presented to his daughter on her third birthday—she is six years old now and still sleeps in it.

Check out more pictures of the bed here and read about how he put it together at his blog.

[via BuzzFeed, images via Imgur]