23 February 2015

More Creative, Brilliantly Styled Burgers That Are Inspired By Pop Culture

The creators of “Fat & Furious Burger”, whom we previously wrote about here, are back with more brilliant burgers that are more artworks than mere quick meals.

As they did before, their new burgers are inspired by pop culture and current events—for instance, they have made pieces for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Each elaborately styled burger comes with a witty name that references its origins, and is accompanied with its recipe so that you would be able to whip it up yourself.

You can also purchase the “Fat & Furious Burger” book, along with prints and T-shirts, here.

Scroll down, or head over to the project’s website, for more images of these creative burgers.

[via Fubiz, images via Fat & Furious Burger]