3 February 2015

Neon Signs Of Famous Western Brand Logos That Have Been Translated To Chinese

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Have you ever wondered how famous logos, like that of Pepsi, Starbucks and LEGO, would look like to you if you don’t read English?

Designer and entrepreneur Mehmet Gözetlik’s latest project, titled “Chinatown”, features Chinese translation of 20 well-known western brand logos “with maintained visual and narrative continuity”—this means that even if you don’t understand the words on the logos, you would probably still be able to identify them from their graphics and colors.

Seeking to demonstrate “our strangeness to 1.35 billion people in the world”, this thought-provoking series of striking neon artworks also urges you to ask yourselves “what it means to see, hear, and become fully aware”.

View more of these neon signs of famous logos in Chinese here—how many of them can you recognize?

[via Brand New]