24 February 2015

‘Pebble Time’ Breaks Kickstarter Records, Raises $1 Million In Under 1 Hour

The new ‘Pebble Time’ smartwatch has managed to set a new Kickstarter record, raising US$1 million in just 49 minutes.

The Pebble Time, a follow-up to the original ‘Pebble’, boasts awesome features like a color e-paper display, similar to the LCD and OLED screens found in e-book readers, and a battery life of up to seven days.

The smartwatch, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, is also 20% thinner than the original Pebble, and has a slightly curved design that will fit comfortably on your wrists.

Unlike the Apple Watch, Pebble Time does not feature a display touchscreen—users can control the smartwatch via its three side buttons.

The new Pebble Time is available in three colors, and will start shipping in May 2015.

Head here to pledge your support.

[via Mashable and Dezeen, images via Kickstarter]