9 February 2015

Photographer Captures Expressive And Endearing Portraits Of Hairless Dogs

New York City-based photographer Sophie Gamand, previously featured for her various dog projects, has a new series titled ‘Prophecy’ where she captures expressive and endearing portraits of hairless dogs.

The two main hairless breeds featured in her project are the Chinese Crested and the Xoloitzcuintli (or Mexican hairless dog), alongside mixed hairless dogs.

Gamand started her series to show a different side of these dogs, whom she says are often mocked and ridiculed due to the way they look.

“Many of my models’ parents confessed to be attacked or mocked in the street when they walk their hairless dogs. One of them was insulted because people thought he had abused his dog. Someone else told me their dog got kicked in the street by someone who referred to it as a rat,” she told My Modern Met, referring to her canine subjects she shot for the series.

Check out some photographs below and view more images here.

[via My Modern Met, images via Sophie Gamand]