5 February 2015

Photographer Creatively Interprets The 12 Zodiac Signs In Stunning Photo Shoot

Aquarius. Detached from convention, flamboyant but freethinking Aquarius, create ripples with their unpredictable style.

Dubai-based photographer Tejal Patni has followed up his Splash Calendar 2014 with an equally ambitious one for 2015, this time featuring creative interpretations of the 12 zodiac signs.

Patni explores the characteristics associated with each sign through the lens of fashion, resulting in stunning and stylish images that blend fabrics and silhouettes.

Check out some photographs below and view the entire collection here.

Virgo. Purveyors of the puritan style and loyal to everything in vogue, minimalistic loving Virgos are irrational only about perfection.

Pisces. In a sea of chic, the idealistic Pisceans swim in fashion currents without letting go of their sensitivity for style.

Capricorn. Structure loving, elegant and intuitively stylish Capricorns are unsympathetic to just one thing: fashion faux pas.

As the most versatile dressers with oodles of experimental style, astute looking Geminis are common targets of the ‘double take.’

Scorpio. Sexy, seductive and sensual Scorpions maybe passionate about black and red but will never reveal their true style secrets.

Libra. Ironically, refined and modish Librans can be so indecisive, only they can achieve the perfect balance in style.

[via Ufunk.net, images and captions via Tejal Patni]