5 February 2015

Photos Of Little Girls Dressed As Disney Princesses Explore Princess Culture

For her series ‘Dress Rehearsal’, American photographer Blake Fitch captures little girls dressed in their favorite Disney princess outfits.

According to her artist statement, the series “examines a contemporary rite of passage when young girls immerse themselves in all-things princess.”

Her motivation for embarking on the series was spurred by the princess culture phenomenon and her concerns about its effect on her four-year-old daughter.

Speaking to us, the photographer said her images explore how little girls are exposed to “gender indoctrination” and through their donning of these costumes, come into their own as “new, modern constructs of the princess warrior.”

Fitch approached relatives and friends with daughters, as well as parents with children she met while out. She typically shoots outdoors as she feels the setting brings out her subjects’ “strength and power.”

Scroll down for some images from her project and view the series at her website.

[via Feature Shoot, images via Blake Fitch]