2 February 2015

Pop-Up Pokémon Café Takes Japan By Storm, Fans Wait Hours To Enter

Image via tetsukire

Pokémon fans, you might want to mark Tokyo as your go-to destination for this month.

A pop-up Pokémon Café has been causing quite a stir in Japan since its opening on 9 January this year.

Long snaking lines appear at the café each day with no signs of slowing down, as fans wait hours before they can enter the predominantly Pikachu-themed café.

From dining with cheery-looking Pikachus and having meals that are too adorable to eat, the café is a dream come true for individuals who are a child at heart.

Located at Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 15-1, Shibuya Parco Part 1, 7th floor, the cutesy restaurant is set to stay till the end of February.

Meanwhile, chase away your Monday’s blues with the photos below.

ポケモンカフェ行ってきたぞー!!\(~ロ\)(/ロ~)/(1回目) http://ift.tt/1ytvlKf

— Atsumi (@aa52yy59kk51) January 19, 2015

この写真のピカチュウにすごい癒された( ´ ▽ ` ) http://ift.tt/1zmB6gO

— みそ (@okjk0915) January 11, 2015

# ポケモンカフェにてピカチュウと相席チュウ http://ift.tt/1ytvlKh

— Miku (@future39_miku) January 15, 2015

ポケモンカフェなうですぞ~♡ http://ift.tt/1ytvnS9

— まろん@気力が欲しい (@maron_wf) January 23, 2015

そしてポケモンカフェ~~! http://ift.tt/1ytvnSb

— ユウコ (@yuko_melt) January 19, 2015

渋谷PARCOパート1、期間限定ポケモンカフェにあのピカチュウも来てくれました!! http://ift.tt/1ytvm0x

— 増田順一@GAME FREAK inc. (@Junichi_Masuda) January 9, 2015

ポケモンカフェの列なう。朝9時の時点で写真の感じ。いま並び始めると14時以降らしいです!ポケモンさすがや!!! http://ift.tt/1ytvm0B

— なかやま ちえこ (@chiekonakayama) January 18, 2015

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