10 February 2015

Russian Airport’s New ‘Flying Bear’ Logo Gets Ridiculed Online

Image via Brand New

After the Khabarovsk Airport in Russia quietly unveiled its new logo, which bore an uncanny resemblance to a “flying bear”, they certainly did not expect their new look to spark a storm on social media.

Several Russian bloggers and netizens gave their own creative spin on the new logo by incorporating it in several memes and pop culture settings.

Interestingly, the airport denied changing its logo, despite having their new logo featured on the website of the 2015 World Bandy Championship.

What do you think of Khabarovsk Airport’s new logo?

Check out the creative edits of the new logo in the images below.

Original logo

Image via RT

Image via @Dbnmjr

Image via @KlimKir

Image via Mikhail Nechaev

Image via @russiaunniverse

[via Brand New and RT]