3 February 2015

Smart Tips And Functions To Enhance Your Google Chrome Browsing Experience

If you are a user of Google Chrome, Gizmag has put together a list of clever tips and functions that would enhance your experience on the internet browser.

Some of these tips include installing apps like Gmail, Google Drive and the Google Calendar to use during offline whenever you’re traveling to places without a good internet connection, using it as a notepad, and searching the web using the voice function.

Head over here to read up on the full list of tips.

“You can install offline apps, [like Gmail, Google Drive and the Google Calendar] from the Chrome Store and launch them via the Chrome App Launcher for desktop or from inside the Chrome browser itself.”

“This one isn't actually just for Chrome and will work on other HTML 5-compatible browsers too. Using the HTML5 “contenteditable” attribute, it's possible to use a browser tab as a notepad.”

“Head for Google search and click the microphone symbol at the end of the search box before dictating your search query.”

“This is a useful tool for web developers. To use it, you just need to bring up the browser's developer tools via the menu or by pressing F12.”

[via Gizmag]