18 February 2015

Spectacular Time-Lapse Of Dubai Is A Dazzling ‘Flow Motion’ Tour Of The City

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Shanghai-based film-maker Rob Whitworth, who previously gave us these stunning time-lapse videos of Pyongyang, Barcelona and Shanghai, has released his latest time-lapse creation featuring Dubai.

The stunning video shows the Middle Eastern city in “flow motion”, taking you on a dazzling tour from the ground into an airplane, up the Burj Khalifa and back to street level.

“I think I might be the first person to hyperlapse vertically down through a building, and the world’s tallest at that,” Whitworth told PetaPixel.

Incredibly, many of the scenes were shot with a single take, including this one of a plane arriving at the airport, and a suitcase being transported to a conveyor belt.

According to Whitworth, the shoot was “one of the most complicated” he has worked on. Apart from the complexity—the storyboarding alone took two weeks to complete—he had to get permission from the relevant authorities to film.

Check out the exhilarating time-lapse below.

[via PetaPixel, video via Rob Whitworth]