24 February 2015

Striking, Colorful Alphabet Posters Feature World's Most Sustainable Font

We have previously featured Ryman Eco, a sustainable font that saves the planet.

In an effort to achieve widespread use, Ryman Eco is introducing The Alphabet Poster Project, engaging 26 handpicked typographers, designers and art directors to create one-of-a-kind posters for each letter of the alphabet.

The brief given was just two words: "beautifully sustainable", and the result is both a reiteration of the font's environmentally friendly objective as well as a visual celebration of the beautifully designed font.

Single prototypes of each poster were printed, photographed and will be on display in a digital gallery for people to view, download and share, without using any drop of ink.

Head over to their website for more content, including the designers discussing what influenced their final products.

[via Medium]