4 February 2015

Sweet, Dedicated Father Becomes Hair-Styling Expert To Tie His Daughter's Hair

Based in Colorado, Greg Wickherst is a single father, who is taking care of his nearly 3 years old daughter Izzy on his own most of the time.

As someone who has been shaving his head for his entire adult life, dealing with a toddler’s long hair is definitely not something that he naturally excels at—luckily for Greg, he works at the IntelliTec College and it has a cosmetology department with students who are willing to help him out.

According to Greg, he starting mastering various hairstyles, progressing from the simple braid to an intricate French braid—he is also proud to say that he can now do not just the ponytail, but an “inverted ponytail” as well.

Now a “hair whiz”, he has been sharing his creations on Facebook—apparently, Izzy loves having her hair done up all fancy too.

If you are a father with a young daughter, would you “go to beauty school” just so you can do your child’s hair properly?

[via Huffington Post, images via Greg Wickherst]