18 February 2015

Take A Look At How Sandwiches Are Made Around The World

Country: Chile, image via @alejandromery

Sandwiches are one of the easiest dishes that you can whip up to ward off those pesky hunger pangs, and this probably explains why this versatile snack has made its mark in many countries around the world.

Compiled by Buzzfeed, take a look at how these sweet and savory sandwiches are made and served across the world in the photos below, and hop over here if you are hungry for more.

Country: Belgium, image via @danielcst

Country: Vietnam, image via @formlessness

Country: Cuba, image via @jamslopz

Country: India, image via @beingindelhi

Country: Austria, image via @roxyeats

Country: Mexico, image via @jgonzo79

[via Buzzfeed]