9 February 2015

The Different Breakfast Dishes That Are Served Around The World

Country: UK, image via Gary Denness

We have previously featured a video that shows you what people in different countries eat for breakfast.

Buzzfeed has compiled a new list that features the different kinds of dishes that are served during breakfast in 23 countries around the world, such as Lebanon, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Take a look below—would you try any of these dishes in place of your usual bowl of cereal or toast? Head here to view the full post with descriptions.

Country: Iran, image via Kamyar Adl

Country: Poland, image via @blondigirl98

Country: Colombia, image via @cocina_v

Country: Nigeria, image via @9jafoodie

Country: Cambodia, image via @angmodanielfooddiary

Country: Turkey, image via Özgür Mülazımoğlu

[via Buzzfeed]