5 February 2015

The Four Worst Types Of Design Agencies According To Clients

The client-designer relationship is usually complicated. Though clients are the financial driving force behind the design work, they are often exasperating to work with.

A recent study, What Clients Think, collated by Up to the Light and The Design Business Association, is based on 420 interviews with various companies that employ design agencies.

The findings reveal that clients hold stereotypical views about the types of agencies that should be avoided. These include agencies that in a "London Ivory Tower", who are out of touch with "real" consumers; "Prima Donna" agencies who are more interested in their own portfolios; some that have "no follow through", causing clients more work and frustration, and lastly, agencies that have "strategy overkill", without an adequate creative execution.

Though it is tempting to dismiss these stereotypes, it might be wise for design agencies to examine whether they are falling into any of these four categories, as it might be detrimental for them in the long run.

Read the full report here.

[via It's Nice That, Images via Bored Panda]