2 February 2015

The ‘World’s First’ Cuddling Convention Will Be Held On Valentine’s Day

Image: Thadd Fiala

Portland-based “professional cuddler” Samantha Hess, whom we previously wrote about, is organizing the “world’s first cuddling convention”.

Aptly called ‘Cuddle Con’, the 12-hour event will be held across various venues in Portland on Valentine’s Day, and will feature a variety of activities including couples massage classes, dance lessons, pillow fights, and a snuggle party.

For singles or those who simply crave a human touch, Hess hopes the event will offer some solace to lonely hearts out there.

“Valentine’s Day can be one of the most difficult days of the year for someone who doesn’t have somebody special in their life. And there aren’t a lot of options you can go to where you feel safe and comfortable and connected to the people around you on that day,” Hess told Mashable.

If the thought of being in close proximity to hugging strangers sounds unnerving, rest assured that all attendees have to go for a consent class.

Stressing that all the action is purely platonic, Hess said it’s about “giving people that basic foundation or platform” to connect with the community at large.

Find out more about ‘Cuddle Con’ here. Would you attend this cuddling convention?

[via Mashable, images via IMGembed]