4 February 2015

These ‘Care Bears’ Epitomize Every Quarter-Life Crisis You Face

What is it like to have quarter-life crisis?

Writer and illustrator Max Knoblauch imagines ‘Care Bears’ in a different light from their usual cheery selves, epitomizing various issues familiar to individuals who are a quarter into their lives.

Can you relate to any of these bears?

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Netflix Bear is not available to hang out because she is rewatching Black Mirror for the 5th time.

Excel Sheet Bear spends his time, when not in Excel, searching job listings in fields that have nothing to do with his degree. Like, crop dusting or sandwich crafting.

Dirty Roommate Bear eats rotisserie chicken for every meal and will definitely get around to cleaning those plates, don’t worry about it.

Minimum Balance Bear has found like, the best most secret way to keep just a ton of liquid cash on hand at all times, you won’t believe it.

Caffeine Dependency Bear has a coffee budget in Mint, and it is about the same amount of money as her rent.

[via Mashable]