23 February 2015

This Awesome App Transforms The iPad Into A Professional Graphics Tablet

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Good news, designers!

With iOS app, ‘Astropad’, you can now transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet that works seamlessly with your desktop computer.

Designed by ex-Apple engineer duo, Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli, the app allows you to use creative tools on the iPad while its results display on your Mac.

Designers will also be happy to know that the ‘Astropad’ boasts “uncompromising live-view image quality” through a technology called ‘Liquid’, performing at a speed of 60fps.

‘Astropad’ supports most styluses and works via Wi-Fi or USB.

While the app might be a little costly at US$50 (educational version at US$20), you can try out a free seven-day trial first before purchasing it.

Find out more here and watch how it works below:

[via Astropad]