9 February 2015

Three-Year-Old Dresses Mum For A Week, Puts Her In Cute Unexpected Outfits

Blogger mum Summer Bellessa sets out on a cute project, allowing her three-year-old son Rockwell to dress her up every day for an entire week.

She wrote on Babble that “I have picked out my son’s outfits almost every day of his three years on this planet. I thought it would be fun to turn the tables and let him pick my outfits out for a few days”.

Although he mismatched her shoes on two occasions, little Rockwell’s fashion sense turned out to be pretty decent. Bellessa even had a stranger came up to compliment her on the choice of socks she wore.

Head over here to read the adorable conversations she had with her little fashionista while putting the outfits together.

[via Babble]