9 February 2015

Thrilling Oculus Rift Stunt Lets People Experience Mountain Hiking Virtually

To promote its new ‘Capra’ boot, hiking boot brand Merrell organized a stunt at the Sundance film festival last month, inviting people to experience hiking in the mountains through virtual reality.

It partnered with Rolling Stone magazine to create the ‘Merrell Trailscape’, a trail that simulated the feeling of crossing a rickety bridge and walking on a crumbling ledge high up in the mountains.

The participants were each given a pair of Oculus Rift headset for the ride, and emerged shaking and with their adrenaline pumping, with one person declaring that it was “wild”.

Created by agency Hill Holiday, the immersive experience was designed by special effects studio Framestore, which worked on the 2013 science fiction film Gravity.

Check out what went down in the video below.

[via Adweek]