17 March 2015

A Book That Playfully Reveals Its ‘Emotions’ With A Transforming Cover

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Design studio Oak & Morrow from the Netherlands has created a unique book cover for the annual Art Directors Club Nederland (ADCN) yearbook, which publishes the best work in the Dutch design world.

Playing on the idea of emotions, the team created a phosphorescent cover that creatively reveals the book’s “emotions” layer by layer.

When the user spends more time holding and flipping through the book, its cover starts to reveal its colorful layers to show how “happy” it is. The book cover will “slowly become sad” and fade to black when it is placed back on the shelf.

What are your thoughts on this clever idea?

Watch the video below to see the unique book cover in action.

Illustrations by Marijke Buurlage, Zeloot, and ZenkOne

[via Fubiz, images via Oak & Morrow and video screenshots]