6 March 2015

‘The Dress’ That Tore The Internet Apart Is Now Available In White And Gold

For those who saw the dress that went viral in black-and-blue, this is how it looks like in white-and-gold.

The infamous dress by Roman Originals, that tore the internet apart last week, is now available in an exclusive white-and-gold version.

Riding on the waves of its popularity for a good cause, the company will be putting the white-and-gold dress up for auction on eBay to raise funds for Comic Relief, a UK-based charity.

The spokesperson for Roman Originals told Daily Mail, “the winning bidder can grab a piece of internet history as only one exclusive dress in white and gold has been made and will go up for auction until Sunday.”

Head over here to start bidding for the exclusive dress, which is currently auctioning for approximately US$824.

[via Elite Daily, images via eBay Auction]