30 January 2013

Designer Creates 2D Typeface That Appears 3D

Inspired by the M. C. Escher, Dutch graphic designer Jacques Le Bailly designed a typeface of impossible shapes, according to Dezeen.

His font named ‘Macula’ is a two-dimensional typeface that appears to be three-dimensional.

Macula is based on the Penrose triangle—prominent in M. C. Escher’s works—a solid object, made of three straight beams of square cross-section which meet pairwise at right angles at the vertices of the triangle they form.

“To keep the typeface lively every single character, down to the punctuation and floating accents, needed to have two versions, as if looked at form two different viewpoints,” Le Bailly told Dezeen.

“Often the simple letters were the most difficult, because they offered very few possibilities or starting points.”

“Macula” refers to the part of the eye that’s responsible for central vision, and was chosen by Le Bailly as he suffers from a related defect in his right eye.

[via Dezeen]