31 January 2013

‘Oflow’ App Keeps Creativity Flowing On-The-Go

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Creativity is innate, they say. Nevertheless, we have to admit that sometimes it needs some serious teasing-out.

The Oflow App is designed just for that purpose.

Providing us with access to more than 100 proven methods to usher in ideas, creator Tanner Christensen tells us that the app is a chance for all of us to be creative no matter where we are.

Whether you’re at that traffic light that takes forever to switch to ‘Walk’/turn green, or waiting for a friend—launching Oflow may be just the app for you to discover priceless ideas that might pass you by.

With its sleek design, the fuss-free app helps answer “creative blocks” you might encounter as it presents you with random ideas upon launching.

Oflow is available at the iTunes App Store and costs $0.99. Currently only available for iOS devices.

Watch the video belowto find out if Oflow is for you:

[via Oflow]