31 January 2013

Yoko Ono Creates ‘Magic’ Plant, Reveals The Word ‘LOVE’ When Grown

Yoko Ono has created a ‘Magic Bean’, that when grown, bears the word ‘LOVE’.

Called ‘Grow Love With Me’, the limited edition organic art piece—created for Serpentine Gallery—consists of a recyclable aluminium can that holds the seed nestled in a growing medium.

For the magic seed to reveal the word ‘LOVE’ when nurtured, the seed was laser-etched via a patented process.

The word first appears on the outer seed coat, which covers the inner cotyledon—after a day or two, the seed coat would fall away to reveal the word on the inner cotyledon.

The inner cotyledon would at first be yellow, but with sunlight exposure, it would turn green, and the seed would start to splay open, shooting a leaf upward, bearing the world ‘LOVE’.

After becoming more mature, the plant may be transferred into a large pot or into the ground—the LOVE bean plant would continue to grow for several years in a warm climate, or if kept indoors in cooler climates.

Grow Love With Me retails at £26 at Serpentine Gallery

[via Serpentine Gallery]