31 January 2013

Hand-Built Diorama Of Hanoi Apartment Portrays Life Of Vietnam

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Vietnamese artist Nyuyen Manh Hung has meticulously hand-built a diorama.

Titled ‘Living Together In Paradise’, the sculpture is a three-meter tall model of a housing block in reference to his childhood home.

Hung made this sculpture based on his experiences and observations of the Vietnamese life.

“I was born and raised in an apartment block in the capital Hanoi. With over 20 years experiences of living in it, I found it does not take much of urban life but rather is a complex 'village' stacked on top of each other,” said the artist of his project.

“It is self-improvement of living space, farming, growing vegetables and upgrade living conditions in the prevailing promiscuous. There are people share everything and not much about privacy, confidentiality. I question myself: 'do angels could live together in a paradise?”

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[via Designboom]