29 January 2013

Infographic: How To Become An Uber Geek

Want to be an uber geek, but don’t know how?

Best Computer Science Degrees has got your back—they have created an infographic that teaches you how to become one.

According to the infographic, ‘The Geek’s Guide to becoming an Uber Geek’, one must first procure the following items: a smartpen, an iPad Mini (black-market prototype), a ‘Fifth Element’ sarcophagus pencil case, and a Dune strategy board game.

You may also have to change jobs to fit the ‘Uber Geek’ role—suggested jobs include board game designer or comic book publisher—however, if you wish to be a regular geek, the job of a video game designer will do.

Lastly, your favorite television program has to be ‘Star Trek’ the original series, and you MUST propose to your geek girlfriend (if you can find one) at a Comic-Con convention, while dressed in ‘Super Mario’ outfits.

For more information on how to become an uber geek, check out the infographic below!

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via Best Computer Science Degrees]