31 January 2013

Phaidon’s New Tome ‘Where Chefs Eat’ Is Bursting With Typography

Phaidon has just released a new tome—Where Chefs Eat—that is designed to appeal to both the foodies and the typography fanatics.

Detailing 2,300 food destinations as recommended by 400 chefs, the massive, “exhaustively typographic” book is designed by Israeli-born Kobi Benezri.

Inspired by old British phone books from the ‘50s and ‘60s, the 700-paged tome is deliberately dense with text—more than 50 unique fonts are used throughout the book.

The content fills every available space—the cover alone features at least 10 different typefaces and text boxes.

Retailing at an affordable US$19.90, Where Chefs Eat is available on the Phaidon online store.

[via Fast Co Design]