30 January 2013

Towering, Contorted Sculptures Of New York City’s Most Iconic Buildings

Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea has turned ten of New York City’s most well-known buildings into monumental, large-scale sculptures by literally bending them out of shape.

Contorted into snake-like, circular and other strange forms, the artist’s sculptures of the famous edifices—which includes the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and Metlife Building—can reach up to 20 feet tall and will be displayed along Park Avenue.

“I believe the same way that a building is exposed to daily elements and changes—cold hear, rain, fog—it is also exposed to constant changes in function—increases and decreased in market value, tenant use—and therefore purpose and social value. These persistent modifications are something I want to capture and embody in my work, creating a new model in constant negotiation with its surroundings.”

The “No Limit” installations will be exhibition from 1 March through 9 June 2013.

[via Design Boom]