30 January 2013

Humorous Ad Explains Where Babies Come From

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In its 2013 Super Bowl ad, Korean car manufacturer Kia will tackle one of the most dreaded questions parents are afraid to hear—‘where do babies come from?’

According to the nervous father in the short clip, they come from ‘Babylandia’—a distant planet filled with babies of all kinds—from humans and monkeys to penguins and pandas.

When the time is right, the babies board rocket ships and make a nine-month journey to Earth—after which they are ‘released’ all over the world via parachutes.

“Watch as a nervous father navigates through this delicate situation, with a little help from his 2014 Kia Sorento SX Limited and UVO voice-activated infotainment system that plays ‘Wheel on the Bus’,” wrote the video description. “With all its many features, it has an answer for everything. So fasten your diapers—these babies are ready for launch.”

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