31 January 2013

Send Some Mail Using ‘Pigeons’

The ‘homing pigeons’ system of mailing has long been abolished.

But for some fun and ‘Middle Age-reliving’, Illinois, Chicago-based Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson of Letters Writers Alliance has taken it upon themselves to create a way for you to send letters by pigeons.

‘Pigeon Post’ lets you send stand-out mail and make someone’s day—all you have to do is to write a message and put it in the given pouch; attach the pouch to the plastic model of a pigeon (not real live pigeons due to animal cruelty laws; we’re guessing); add stamps and send it out.

Recipients can either keep the pigeon, or send it back and forth, or send it to others—like a real carrier pigeon.

[via 16 Sparrows and 16 Sparrows]