30 January 2013

Turn Empty Coca-Cola Bottles Into Musical Instruments

The thoughtful and creative people at Generally and Especially have come up with a proposal to turn empty plastic Coca-Cola bottles into musical instruments.

The key feature of this proposed design is its unique cap.

Designed to function like the mouthpiece of a recorder, it closely resembles a whistle. The lid’s bottom segment is responsible for creating holes along the length of the plastic bottle.

When the bottle is complete, the consumer can tear off the Coca-Cola label and learn how to play the simple song printed on the back.

Complete with a possible campaign slogan, ‘Play Coca-Cola’, Generally and Especially hopes that this idea can one day benefit the less-privileged children of the world; they hope that it can provide them with the simple yet beautiful hobby of music.

We think that this design has great potential indeed!

Do have a look and judge for yourself:

[via Generally and Especially]