31 January 2013

Hasbro Unveils ‘Star Wars’ Black Series Action Figures

Hasbro has unveiled a new line of Star Wars figures this year, according to USA Today.

The ‘Black Series’ will feature 6-inch tall figures with more attention to details and articulation—and will act as a transitional point between the vintage-style 3¾-inch toys and the 12-inch Sideshow Collectibles figures.

The 3¾-inch figures would also continue under the Black Series.

Hasbro would be drawing characters from the original trilogy, with the first wave of four figures said to be Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing Fighter flight suit, R2-D2, Darth Maul, and an Imperial Sandtrooper.

“We consider them the best figures that Hasbro’s ever produced for Star Wars that meet the sensibilities of romancing the character as well as the playability and poseability that fans really appreciate,” Derryl DePriest, Hasbro vice president of boys marketing, told USA Today.

“Black” was an inspiration to the toy designers, as “it’s one of the main colors of Star Wars all the way back to the beginning, and it’s the approach that Lucasfilm has taken with their collector-oriented product line,” DePriest said. “We’re bringing that simplicity and essence and focus on the character now to the toy aisle.”

Star Wars Black Series action figures would be released in August 2013, each priced at US$19.99.

[via USA Today]