29 January 2013

Precarious Sculptures Form Abstract Faces

London-based sculptor Wilfrid Wood has created a series of human face sculptures in its most abstract form.

These sculptures came out during a period in which Wood was attempting to rethink his work in the context of graphic design—a field which he was trained.

Wood thought he could “do more work with a simpler, almost calligraphic sihoutte,”, thus his series a production of his idea of “bringing together sculpture and graphics.”

"One of the fun elements of the more abstract pieces is getting the forms to balance, ... I like them to look precarious, the shapes just touching and playing off each other.” explained Woods.

“I tend to skid around in the area between abstraction and figurativeness, ... As I’m making any sculpture there is a tension between the two: how realistic to do the hair, how stylised to make the eyes et cetera. Its lovely to be very specific with someone’s eye shape, but on the other hand some simplification is necessary and can look stronger.”

[via Be Socially Savvy]