29 January 2013

Give Your Photos A ‘Mid-Century Modern’ Twist!

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App Takes Your Photos, Automatically Turns Them Into Beautiful Posters

addLib U’—the second release in the ‘addLib’ iPhone app series—is an app that uses your custom images to conjure up beautiful graphic design pieces in the theme of mid-century modern style popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

With it, you could turn your favorite photos into birthday cards, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, invitations, and the likes.

To use the app, users first select up four photos from their camera roll, or hit the “shuffle” button if you can’t decide, or take a new photo within the camera app.

The app would then edit your photos to present various compositions, of the most visually appealing typographic and graphic design layout, in an album.

Each piece would have a resolution of 1920x1280 pixels, and you can choose which layout you feel you like best—for more options, you can hit the “reload” button.

You can also customize the layout by adding your own text.

In addition to saving your albums and graphic pieces in your phone’s photo library, addLib U also lets you share them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and e-mail.

Catered especially for those non-design savvy iPhone users, addLib U helps produce sophisticated and unique layouts for your photos in a fun and non-tedious way of a few taps.

addLib U was developed by Japanese visual design studio WOW.inc, and is available on the iTunes App Store.

Check it out in the video below:

This review is a sponsored by WOW.inc.