29 January 2013

French Art Collection ‘Allo?’ Captures Modern Sentiments

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Capturing everyday ‘modern’ moments like staring at coffee art or texting-while-walking, French graphic designer Jean Jullien employs a relatively modern creative practice of graphic design to do what art has always done rather effectively: Social commentary.

Jullien’s work in ‘Allo?’ also highlights some actions and issues that are not given much thought but often rub some of us the wrong way.

Hailing from Nates, eventually graduating from Quimper and finally basing himself in London, the only twenty-something-year-old artist has come a long way in quite a short time.

‘Allo?’ will be exhibited from 7 February – 23 March 2013 at the Kemistry Gallery in London.

[via Jean Jullien, images via weheart.co.uk]